Rules of Engagement for the YA Dash

The YA DASH Book Prize Pack

The YA DASH will run from May 18th to May 20th and features 10 YA suspense authors.

The winner of the DASH will receive a signed hard copy of 14 books for hours of reading fun! Open to U.S. and Canada residents only.

All those who participate in the DASH and successfully unlock the rafflecopter will receive a PDF packet featuring CLASSIFIED, never before seen material, from each author. The CLASSIFIED material is exclusive to those participating in the DASH.

How to play…

1. Visit the blog of each author in the DASH. Blogs can be visited in any order but you must visit all 10 to get the clues to unlock the rafflecopter giveaway.

Diana Renn
Mary Elizabeth Summer
Y.S. Lee
Lindsay Cummings
Laurie Stolarz
Lee Kelly
Elizabeth Wein
Valynne Maetani
Susan Adrian
T.A. Maclagan

2. Each author’s blog will feature a post about the DASH including three statements consisting of two truths and one lie. You must read through the author’s bio and book info pages in order to decipher which of the statements is the lie. The numerical clue you’ll need to remember is included within that lie statement so jot this clue down.

3. The numerical sum of the “lie statements” is the Y​A Dash Entry Code ​that you will need to enter into the rafflecopter. Once you’ve visited all 10 blogs and found all 10 clues, you’ll have what you need to unlock the rafflecopter!!! Each author’s website will include a link to the rafflecopter but it will also be available on this website.

4. Once the rafflecopter is unlocked, you can gain more entries by tweeting about the DASH and checking out the DASH author’s social media accounts.

5. Last but not least, on the days of the YA DASH, all the authors will be tweeting additional truths and lies about their books, characters, and lives, using the hashtags #yadash and #truthorlie. Please join the fun and tweet your own truths and lies and feel free to chime in when you think we’re lying!

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5 Responses to Rules of Engagement for the YA Dash

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  2. i didn’t see the three statements on laurie’s link is it not up yet?


    • tamaclagan says:

      Hi! Sorry for the confusion. Laurie’s opted to hide the clue in her post a different way. It’s still a number clue and is still a lie. Hint…she says the number twice, right in a row in the 5th paragraph.


  3. I think I got it! 🙂 But when do we find out the winners?


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